Discover your voice with Ms Forte

Do you want to have more confidence singing on stage? Are you dealing with vocal fatigue? Do you want to finally give the performance of your dreams?

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Ms. Forte has been coaching vocalists in the realm of theatre, worship arts, and more for over 15 years, offering both private lessons and online workshops. For free live teachings, join her Discover Your Voice Facebook group.

I’m here to help you find your forte in music and in life! You are the instrument and the music is inside of you. With training, you’ll learn how to take your talent and turn it into a skill, so that you can finally share the song that is in your heart.

Piano Lessons

Learning to play piano lays a great foundation for all other instruments and vocals. Piano students receive a firm foundation in music theory, technique, sightreading, and rhythms. All while enjoying the music they’re playing!

Vocal Lessons

Ms Forte can help you turn your talent into a skill. Whether you want to be a platinum artist or simply sing in the shower better, voice lessons can help you find who you are!

Excellence in Worship

Rachelle offers comprehensive coaching for worship teams in customizable packages. Coaching areas include: Vocal performance, team organization, worship leadership, and more.

Online Vocal Workshops

Join Rachelle for an online group class via Zoom. Options include: 5-day Workshops, and Special Guest Masterclasses. Please contact Rachelle for upcoming dates.

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Who is Ms Forte?

Ms. Forte (Rachelle) is a full-time vocal coach, teaching individuals, worship teams, musical theatre casts and more not only to discover their voice but also to develop it holistically and healthily.

As a young child, the love for the stage blossomed in her heart, and it’s this love that fuels Rachelle’s desire to show everyone that they too have a voice to be discovered. In college, Rachelle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Church Music with an emphasis on Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, as well as an Associate of Arts degree in Music. Unfortunately, a vocal injury prevented her from completing a final recital which would have earned her a second Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance. To this day her experience with vocal injury influences her passion for vocal health, which is something she teaches as a part of a holistic vocal coaching philosophy.

Rachelle has a well-rounded background in both performance and direction in the realms of theatre and worship arts. Having held the role herself, she knows what casting directors are looking for when auditioning vocalists, and coaches her students accordingly. She also served as the Vocal Coordinator at Dream City Church, working with worship team vocalists, ensembles, and choirs.

Rachelle’s mission is to help people find their forte in music and in life: guiding you to develop your BEST voice, grow your confidence, and achieve your performance goals.

Rachelle is not only a full-time voice and piano teacher but she also continues to direct, consult and perform.


Cristal Pallares ★★★★★

My daughter started piano lessons with Ms. Forte in November. She has always wanted to learn piano and COVID19 has interfered with my daughter’s wish to learn piano. I was hesitant to begin virtual lessons but I only wish I would’ve signed my daughter up sooner. Ms. Forte is an amazing instructor and my daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons. I never have to remind my daughter to practice as she has been learning so much and eager to develop her skills. She has grown so much in just a little over a month. I’m very thankful we have found such a talented and dedicated music instructor.

Erin R ★★★★★

I have always loved to sing. I just thought I was born with no talent. So I gave up before I even tried. When I turned 40, I thought to heck with it! I’m going to try voice lessons. So I called a number of a studio I had found on google and thank God I found Ms. Forte. In the very first lesson I learned that it takes work to learn to sing and that very few people just open their mouths and out comes beautiful sound. That is actually quite rare. Beyond teaching me about breath control, and how to “place” a note and all of the other invaluable techniques, her humble and welcoming approach made even the most timid singer (me!) braver.

Marcos ★★★★★

The value Ms. Forte delivers is remarkable! She really connects with people and draws out the greatness inside of them.

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